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Chubby Grass

Version: 1.0

Release Date:  15 December, 2010

Support Platform: iPhone, Android.

iTunes Link:

iTunes Search: “Chubby Grass”, “GengGang” or “RenMin”

This is a beautiful garden with lots of lovely chubby grass. However, some bugs may come to make troubles. Fortunately, you can control the dropping grass to fight with these bugs. So a battle with bugs is waiting for you to command. Don’t under-estimate these bugs. Every one of them has mysterious ability. Also, you have your weapons: bombs and special grass, which also has mysterious ability.

Please touch and drag everything on the screen to find out their functions. And sway your iPhone to see what will happen. Enjoy your game!

If the garden is full with grasses, you will win. But if you waste more than three grasses, which means you put dropping grass to wrong position, you will fail. So be careful!

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Forest Studio

Welcome to Forest Studio.

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